A trusted partner

Our staff recommends and offers the most appropriate commercial solution to the customers, by road or rail or combining both systems with a punctual, safe and efficient service and with monitored vehicles, in compliance with European regulations on road safety, driving times and rest periods for drivers as well as the latest environmental regulations.

The vehicular park is constantly renewed to be technologically advanced with obvious advantages for environmental protection and for the economy; intermodal solutions contribute significantly to the reduction of CO² emissions.


  • 300 owned vehicles EURO 5 and 6;
  • TAUT LINERS with opening to the side and from the top for international and domestic transports;
  • MEGATRAILER with internal loading height of 2.8 and 3 meters;
  • TAUT LINERS authorized for national and international transports in ADR;
  • FRIDGE TRUCKS with controlled temperature;
  • ROAD TRAINS JUMBO with 120 M3 of load;
  • VANS AND TRUCKS WITH HYDRAULIC LIFTS for express deliveries in Italy and all Europe.